Bruma Finance Consolidation Loans

Bruma Finance Consolidation Loans with the consolidation loan from Bruma finance you can pay-off all you credit cards and small loans and get to pay one installment at the end of the month, they offer loans of up to R15 000 they pay on your behalf and the balance is paid directly into your account you can apply online or you can call them on 0861 33 11 33 for more.

Ways to apply

Bruma Finance Consolidation Loans give you the online application that is so simple to complete and you can call them but the requirements of getting the loan are a valid copy of ID, latest of your payslips and bank statement with the settlement letter.


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What does the Bruma Finance Consolidation Loans offer

Bruma Finance Consolidation Loans offer loans from R15 000 with low interest rates and easy repayment terms, online application with the consultants assistance and they get to pay on your behalf and the balance is directly deposited to your account Bruma Finance Consolidation Loans combines your debts into one installment and you get to pay one installment monthly.

Contact details

Phone:0861 33 11 33 or Fax:087 943 1700 or

Bruma Finance Consolidation Loan

Bruma Finance Consolidation Loan

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